Difference Between Cover Letter and Covering Letter -

Cover Letter vs Covering Letter

Cover letter and covering letter both basically refer to the same thing. In business world and in the world of employment, it is a natural practice to send a letter separately to serve as an introduction to all the material that is included in the envelope. By going through this letter, the recipient gets the knowledge of all that has been sent to him. This letter is known as a cover letter as it literally covers all the material that has been sent. In some countries, cover letter is erroneously called a covering letter while implying the same thing. The correct word is cover letter and should be spelled as cover and not covering in any communication, whether formal or informal. Whether called a cover letter or a covering letter, the purpose of both is same.

One situation where a cover letter assumes great significance is where an applicant sends his resume and all relevant documents to the company where he wishes to apply for a particular job. All his documents should be beneath a cover letter which should clearly tell why you want the job and why you are an ideal candidate for the job. The cover letter here essentially serves as an introduction for yourself, and setting aside your resume and documents, it is your ability to write an impressive cover letter that makes a big difference in you finally getting the job. As such, the importance of an impressive and stylish cover letter can never be underestimated.

A cover letter, being an introduction to your desire to be considered for the post, should never be a lengthy one to bore the reader. It should be short and sweet, at the same time convincing enough to make the reader get interested in you. This cover letter is in essence a sales letter where you are trying to sell yourself or your CV. The better manner in which you write the cover letter, more are your chances of getting selected for the job you have applied. Cover letter and resume go hand in hand and serve basically the same purpose.

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